August 26, 2011

Ninja Amigurumi

Well, I know a Ninja attack sound scary, but I promise you, this kind is not dangerous.

I made this little guy as a birthday present for friend. He’d been asking for a Ninja Amigurumi action figure (I’ll refrain from calling this tough looking little guy a doll), and I was ready for the challenge of finding the perfect pattern.  I finally came across this Little Gamers Ninja pattern at Somewhere Between the Stitches.

The pattern calls for a size G hook. I accidentally grabbed my H hook and by the time I realized I was using the wrong one, I was already half way through the project.  Rather than start over, I continued and was pleased that everything turned out just fine.  The project took me a total of about 3 hours from start to finish, but I guess the time just depends on your expertise level.  I’m 3 decades old to the crochet game, but have only about 6 months experience with reading patterns.   This particular pattern happens to be easy to follow and good for even beginners.

But the time I was finished, Little Ninja stood just slightly over 6 inches tall, which is pretty much on scale with the instructions.

Thanks Julia for such a cute and fun pattern.