April 8, 2011

Lets talk shoes now

Before I became a mom, I'd see so many babies without shoes (or socks sometimes), I know that at such a young age, shoes are not an actual necessity the way it is for us adults, but I used to feel sorry for some of these babies and toddlers who were out and about with mom during winter time cold snaps and rain storms.  Those poor little toes had to be cold right?     Either way, once I became a mom, I made it my priority to always have shoes on my baby when I went out.  Guess what though...... most baby shoes ARE NOT easy to put on, and they fall off.  No wonder  I was seeing so many little bare freezing toes at grocery stores and malls. 

Now it's become my mission to make shoes that go on as easy as socks , are just as comfy, and stretchable too.

I started out making cute little summertime sandals. They're really more for decoration and not so practical for keeping warm.   Fair warning though, these were my first attempts at sandals.  I've come a long way and plan to create patterns and revise these to look much more appealing
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My Gramma used to make these cute little converse look alike baby shoes, and I've tried so many times through the years to make them, but didnt have much luck.  Not much luck that is, until I came across this free pattern on Ravelry by LoopySueDesigns   I beleive the pattern is marked public, but if not, you may need to join Ravelry to access. Ravelry is free and it's a wonderland of information, ideas and resources for knitting and crocheting.   I didnt follow the actual pattern , although  it's easy to understand with diagrams and pictures. I just used it as a guide because I could never figure out how to make the tongue and toe part of the shoe.   Thanks to this pattern, I have had an easy time making the sneakers.  Before long I will have them in all sizes and colors.   I do sell them on my Etsy store, and keep the price really low, because there's nothing worse than having to pay a small fortune for something that your baby will grow out of.
Here's some of the different ways the shoes can look.

The Classic Converse Inspired Shoe

Or, maybe you want a
Traditional oxford style in baby blue with a biege trim
Do you have a precious little princess? 
How about light pink combined with ankle socks.

Something funky that looks cute with a pair of small jeans. 
Cherry Red that says "I'm in charge here"


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