April 5, 2011

I feel a little like the Mad Hatter

I made a few of promises, one to myself being that I will learn to read, follow and write my own patterns. The other promise was to my son that I would stop dragging him with me to Joanne's fabric store every few days for yarn, and most importantly, that I will use up any and all of my yarn stash before I purchase anymore.

So far, I've kept all 3 promises, and in my quest to productively use up what is left of my yarn stash,  the other promises kept came quite easily.   I realized that I couldn't go wrong with baby hats.

of course, you've seen my post with the ribbed newborn cap.   But, even before that, I found the cutest pattern for a Newsboy visor carp from Hectanooga on Etsy.  This was another user friendly pattern with pictures and easy to follow instructions. I finished the newsboy visor cap in about an hour.  If you are interested in purchasing this pattern, here is some good news. Hectanooga allows you to sell the finished item with no requirements to link to her shop.

Now I'm on a roll.  I also really liked the ribbed looking hats because of the way the hat will stretch and be wearable as baby grows.  The  hats below are made to wear up to 3 months because it will stretch to about 16".   Leave the cuff up for newborns and smaller babies, and then put the cuff down for older babies.

Cute, eh?  these two hats kind of remind me of the Easter Bunny meets the Great Pumpkin.  Now I see how endless the possibilities are, and I cant wait to make character hats and matching shoes too.


  1. your hats make me want to have another baby. Super cute. I might just have to find that pattern for the visor hat for my son (would it look cute on a 12 month old????)

  2. OMG! Adorable! YOu have such talent! Following you from MBC...please stop by.

  3. Amie, You just made me realize that I forgot to let everyone know that the pattern comes with instructions from newborn all the way through adult sizes. It would totally look cute for a 12 month old.

    Alfie, thanks, I'm following you back. Nice to meet another fellow local Bay Area Blogger.

  4. Great Blog! I am now following. It would be great if you follow back :)